2018 Summer English Camp Team Recruitment

Ichthus school’s vision is to raise up Christian leaders among the Mexican students to change Mexico and the world, and ultimately leading the world to Jesus Christ.
The School is recruiting and inviting devoted volunteers to lead and teach at 2018 Summer English Camp. Further information can be found in the following.

  1. Term
    1. First Team : May 28~June 8
    2. Second Team :June 11~June 22 (or 29)
  • We are looking for 2 teams that will be able to serve during one of these two
  1. Team member conditions
    1. Healthy and strong Christian faith with a missionary calling
    2. A native speaker of English and have had experience working with students
    3. Age: Mid/Late 20s or currently attending college or college graduate
    4. Team size:5~6 people per team
    5. Gender: About half male and half female per team
  1. Main ministry
    1. Teach speaking, listening, reading and writing in English to the High school students (7~10 days)
    2. Volunteer at a local school in the area with the High school students who are being taught English (i.e. VBS, physical labor, etc.) (3~4 days)
    3. Plan and lead various English events (i.e. English worship service, English Bible study, Camp fire, Pajama party, Sports, etc.)
  1. Questions
    1. Any specific questions can be sent to the School’s Administrator Eunsu Kim at eunsukim0414@gmail.com